New cooler master storm trooper case -intermittent power

I just transferred my asus p8z68 v-le setup to a new cooler master storm trooper case (which i love)

The problem is, I can only intermittently get it to power up.

Whether or not it turns on, the motherboard power light is on.

when I do get it to start the front panel light and all fans come on.

Anyone have any idea what this could be? A PSU issue? Damaged board?

The front panel connector connector is facing out on the board, i.e. you can read the lettering. I could not tell which side is + or - although there is a triangle on one side. Not sure what that means.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Would appreciate any help.

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  1. Please refer to your motherboard manual to confirm how the front IO/Control connectors go onto the board.
  2. I have confirmed it is installed correctly.

    A few hours later I tried it again and it booted.

    ReLized I wanted to change the 6g Sata connections so I turns the power off and changed them. Tried to boot Again and no power to the case.

    Very strange. Has anyone encountered this?
  3. Nope. Never had that problem
  4. Same problem here.... :??:
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