Blu ray player for windows 7

Is there a Blu ray player for windows?
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  1. Hello digitaltelco;

    A BluRay player is a piece of hardware.

    You can have an internal or external drive for a PC or laptop and you can also get stand-alone BluRay players.
  2. You mean a optical drive or a driver or software to play that Blu-Ray?
  3. I have a blu ray player I what to get the software to play the blu ray on my network?
  4. PowerDVD or WinDVD are the most frequently mentioned software packages.
  5. The Best player of the three that use is Nero HD.
  6. Quote:
    The two software you mentioned that play blu-ray? It seems that they just play DVD.
  7. VLC can now play blu-ray with free plugins!
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