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Following on from my last thread I bought a used desktop on eBay for £170 and now I'm dealing with all the issues that come with buying a computer that I know next to nothing about.

How can I find out what motherboard I have?
As far as I can tell the previous owner, when reformatting the hard drive to clear his data, wiped pretty much all the drivers. My thinking for this is that connecting via HDMI to my tv gives me only the very basic VGA resolution, no other options (I have used this tv with my laptop via HDMI with no problems, laptop has Intel i5 processor with internal graphics, desktop has Intel i3 processor that I assume has internal graphics), and I can't connect to the internet over a wired connection, troubleshooter says it can't find the drivers. The issue I'm having then is that I need the drivers to connect to the internet, and I need the internet to download the drivers, the ebayer didn't send any disks (or a power cable, the cheeky sod). A bit of googling later and I think I should be able to download drivers with my laptop and transfer them via a memory stick, but I have no idea what motherboard I have. Is there an easy way to find out? Or is internet done through the processor? I had a look at Intel's website but I didn't see anything that looked like network drivers. Once I have the internet working I assume the rest of the drivers will be easier to deal with, and the missing graphics drivers don't really matter as a new graphics card is going in on Monday anyway. Which leads me to my other question.

Is a 450W PSU okay for a Radeon 6870?
I have a Radeon 6870 coming in the post, on the product page it says minimum power requirement 500W, recommended power requirement 650W. How much leeway is there in that? The sticker on the PSU says 450W, and my processor is just a dual core (its an i3) so it shouldn't draw much power. The only other thing on there is a HDD, and a DVD drive that I don't think I'll use. I'm kinda clutching at straws cause I REALLY don't want to buy a new PSU. Will underpowering the card kill it, or just crash the computer? Because I'm okay with waiting to see if it crashes my computer before buying a new PSU.
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  1. Use CPU-Z.
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