My moniters dont work, please read.

first off sorry if this is in the wrong section.
I had a SSD 180 gig and i added a second HHD. after i added it i got a few crashes so i went and took out the battery for a few mins, that must of something up bad beacuse now I have spent the last 2 days after work looking online on my crap laptop looking for a way to fix it. I will post in here what i have done so far to try fix it. if you help me i will love you forever ive spent the last 50 hours or so trying to figure out the problem to no ends. im not bad with computers i can do basic stuff like add ram and new GPU's but i just dont know what i did.

1. take out and put back in pretty much everything i can take apart easily
2. reset the battery
3. use the clrtc jumper
4. take out the second hhd and and try that way
5. take both of my graphics cards out and try
6. unplug everything not necessary
7. clean ram
8. look if any cords came undone
9. plug cords into open spots of the same type.
10. look at the ram and test it.
11. i saw something about taking the power cord out and holding the power button for like 30 seconds to fix it but that sorta sounds like witchcraft lol, kinda like lets do a rain dance to get rain for the Kuala bears then they will throw poop at us so we can eat it and pee into our pc's then it will magically be fixed

my specs are a little convoluted but ill give you what i can
A8-3850 3.10 ghz OC i think im right there
two radeon 6670's one asus one diamond?
asus f1a75-m pro
corsair cx500
two sticks of g skill ddr3 rip-jaws at 1333 clock speed
idk what else is needed so imma start naming off parts
7 fans, 4 usb 3.0's, 2 usb 2.0, no ******* idea what mobo, a dell and acer monitor.
also i don't really wanna spend any more money on this PC its really new but if i HAVE to i will

if you are able to help me i might be able to send a few bucks your way through paypal because this is pissing me off
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  1. So what is exactly a description of the problem? Are your drivers buggy? Is it crashing or something?
  2. Are you seeing a post screen at all or hearing a beep at start up? and may seem like a silly question but have you checked both ends of the connection to your monitor?
  3. i get no image on my monitor and im not getting the beeps. i have checked both end of the cable and tried diffrent cables. deemo its not like i can tell you if my driver i buggy i have no freaking moniter to look at it with.
  4. Do you usually get a beep? If you do its pointing towards your motherboard. Check to make sure the 24 pin and the 4/8 pin connectors are connected properly to the motherboard and any other connections you can see.
  5. So when you turn it on, you just get nothing. No beep, no display. Hmm. And you've tried it without the cards.
    I'll have to think about it for a bit.
  6. ive tried without cards, with 1 card with both in diffrent slots, it sounds like it always does when it boots up also
  7. Does your motherboard have onboard video? Try that. The motherboard may have possibly just defaulted to that and is not picking up the cards you have in there.
  8. You can try clearing your CMOS, to do this, disconnect the computer. Then take out the little button cell battery on the mobo, then replace it after a few minutes and try again.
  9. your not helping me at all tigre, as ive put in my main post i did that, i also used the jumpers
  10. Sounds like your Mobo took a dump, have you tried another PSU with your computer? Since you say it is fairly new, it should still be under warranty.
  11. i dont think my mobo would just stop working. it still works, it turns on fine. and i only have one more psu to use but its only like 300 watts so i dont think itll work.
  12. Hardware malfunctions do happen, just because my car tire blows out does not mean it will inflate with air again. ;)

    You should still test it with the other PSU, if you have a lower power card laying around, test it with that or if your mobo has an imbedded GPU, test it with that. Sure it sucks, but it's best to try all possible things before coming to the conclusion that your mobo is dead and would need to be replaced. It could be the PSU, there are many possibilities.
  13. hardware malfunctions do happen yes. but when my mobo still has lights, all fans spin, all gpu fans spin, i dont think the diffrent psu will work because i dont think it gives enough watts. my gpu's give 200 watts alone, that leaves 100 watts for the mobo,ram,cpu,all lights and evreything else
  14. If you already tried using different monitors, then it's most likely the mobo. These types of malfunctions do happen, I had an old Nforce 4 mobo back in the day do the same exact thing and replacing the mobo solved the issue.

    Also looking at your PSU, it could also be your PSU is not providing enough juice as the CPU alone takes in 100W, with all the fans, HDDs, mobo, RAM, Optical drives, seems like your system was overwhelmed. This means that your computer had a brown out and may have damaged more than just your mobo as you have your CPU OC'ed and such, not a very smart thing to do with your current PSU.
  15. but evreything is running.... evreything. the only problem is my bloody moniters. would i not get crash reports?
  16. Until you test it with other monitors (Not the ones you have since you already did), test it with another mobo or swap the PSU and test it with that, then there is not much I can suggest since you are not willing to do so. A malfunctioning system could still spin the fans and such, but it's still malfunctioning and would either need the components repaired or replaced, your computer most likely had a brown-out since you overloaded it with that weak PSU with the Overclocking and multiple GPUs. Also, there are no error logs when it comes to PSU's failing. ;)
  17. so i added up a idea of how much power it uses.
    gpu 250ish
    ram 10 at the max
    hdd 20 at max
    ssd 20 at max
    fans 4x7 32
    mobo uses 40 watts when paired with the apu at full capacity
    lights like 5 watts
    and i think your correct it adds up to 522 watts. so wtf do i do?
  18. Either remove things to lesson the load of the PSU such as a card, a fan or so. If you wish to continue to use that setup, you will need to upgrade to a more powerful PSU. Hope that your PSU did not fry your mobo, GPU's, CPU, RAM and HDD/SDD.
  19. so yay im back where i started. no signal from my moniter all fans working all lights all evreything on but now i have more hard-drive space but im 6670 short.
  20. Then it's either the Mobo, the GPU's or both since they overloaded the PSU and could have been damaged, time to RMA them if possible. It's best to have a good PSU if you ever plan to OC/run multi-card setups. Sorry about your troubles, but you will most likely have to replace the mobo/GPU's. Also hope that all your other components were not fried during the brown-out.
  21. but the fans on the gpu spin. will adding like 20 votes make this thing finally give up? also ive been running othis setup for like 2 months now.
  22. A blown car tire can spin but does not mean it can be inflated with air. ;)

    You will not know until you test it with another PSU/Mobo/GPU. If you stop being in denial, you must test it with another PSU first (Very Important: make sure the PSU you will be testing with has enough power to power the system, remove components to lighten the load if possible.). Then move onto testing it with another mobo, then GPU and so on with RAM and such. Forgive me if I sound a bit harsh, but not doing what I suggest is not helping your cause.
  23. alright imma go to bed then try it on my brothers pc i guess.
  24. That's your best bet, test it thoroughly with other components and hopefully you will find your issue. Good luck.
  25. so ive tried my grpahics card with his pc and the both work, then i tried his graphics card with my pc and same problem. so i suspect i did something to the mobo i cant see without taking the pc out i will look at it close and see but is there anything else i should try in the mean time?
  26. Hmm, then you can cross out the GPUs. Next, test his PSU in your computer, if you are still having the same issues, then I really suspect the mobo and/or PSU is done. Let me know what your results are on this.
  27. its the psu
  28. i plugged my psu into my brothers pc and it go the same issuse.
  29. Did his PSU work with your computer? If you buy a new PSU, make sure to get a good quality PSU that is at least 600W, more is better to prevent these kinds of things. Need help selecting a new PSU?
  30. i shouldnt put his psu into my computer, his is only 250 watts. i would love help try and keep it under 120$ please. you have been a tremendous help thank you
  31. I see, don't want it to blow up, lol Are you in the US? Newegg has many great PSU's at good prices most of the time. This is my recommendation.

    Corsair TX750 750W PSU, it's $109.99 full price, then 89.99 with rebate. Corsair PSU's are some of the best. This one will provide plenty of power and will even give you room to upgrade to more powerful GPU's in the future. It has free shipping too.

    No problem, it's part of being a PC gamer, gotta dig deep at times to find the issues like car mechanics, lol ;)
  32. does newegg send to canada?
  33. Yes they do, make sure you order from newegg's Canada site. Then you are good to go. The price is a few bucks more as it does not have the current US deal I think but still less than $120 ;)

    *CORRECTION*: It does have the $20.00 mail in rebate, so the final cost is $94.99.
  34. Its the fact you are not getting a beep at post that gets me, all your fans can still spin up, but your motherboard can still be finding an error.

    If we are going to use car analogy's, the most important thing to remember is try all the free/inexpensive stuff first. Not saying the PSU isnt at fault, but I would also try removing all the hard drives power and SATA from the board.

    The way Im thinking is, this all happened when you intalled a new SSD, so more than anything I'd be thinking that you might have accidently knocked a cable out of place, or shorted the mobo, or there is an issue with the drives.
  35. so i got an new psu today and went the thorugh the process of getting it installed to find out after i pluged evreything in and turned it on that i get the exact same problem i started with. no moniters are working.
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