Upgrading the P7H55-M from i3 to i7


I recently upgraded my old Pcs i3 CPU and 2gb ddr3 Memory using the asus P7H55M to a core i7 and 4gb dual channel memory. with this i also added a HD 4650 video card as the i7 didnt have integrated graphics. Now the problem, ITS SLOW so very slow, i just cant put my finger on it. It boots but as soon as i do something it simply hangs and just nothing for a bit then its back on track till the next time i use something else. I thought throwing in the video card would free up the physical memory used by the Integrated graphics and well i thought the i7 had serious grunt. Remeber i doubled its memory and threw it into dual channel, what gives! Could it be because the generic 500w (if it is) power supply might not be suitable or is there something else im looking over and not noticing.

BTW its running windows xp32 and just a 500gb Hd
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  1. Log into the Bios and disable to IGP (Integrated graphic on processor) this will free up the memory that has been dedicated for the graphics. Next check in the Bios on the reported processor make sure it is showing the right information. You may have to update the Bios in order to get the get the processor running where it should be.
  2. Yep bios is updated Havnt checked the IGP option. CPU seems to be reported correctly. Just a question though. Dosnt the bios change itself to compensate for the CPU. Upon installing the CPU the board resets itself after 5 seconds and then the normal post beep is heard.
  3. Yes it can but it helps to go back and check to make sure everything is reporting the way that it should. Is hyper-threading enabled or disabled? How about turbo boost? What is the memory reporting as? These are the type of questions that may come up when making a major change in the processor.
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