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Seasonic M12II or S12II? (620W)

So what should I choose?

Oh and by the way, are these Power Supplies' compatible with uATX(Micro ATX) Mobos?

If YES, will either of these Power Supplies' fit in my ATX?

my ATX is Fractal Design Core 1000 -->

both PSUs differ in dimensions...

from what I know, the M12III is 160x180x86mm (WxLxH)

and the S12II is 150x140x86mm (WxLxH)
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    the M12II is basically same as S12II. the M using modular cables (u can connect only what u needed), the S is non modular...

    I would like to go with the M...

    About compatibility, I think it will fit, but cannot said for sure....
  2. ok then, thanks for you help man.
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