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2x 6850 or 1x 7850

Simply I'm doing a build and just noticed the price drop on the 6850's and thinking of crossfire.

The motherboard is this:


I'm wondering if xfire 6850's will be substantial amount of performance between that and a single 7850.

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    The HD 6850 CF would rape the single HD 7850. Just make sure your PSU can handle both cards and with that CPU, you will not have any issues of any bottlenecks too.
  2. A quality 750w should do it right? My friend has a build with an i5-2500k and xfire 6850
  3. Yes it will handle the cards fine, what brand did you have in mind or you need help selecting one?
  4. OCZ, this build is actually for a friend, my system has a 650w ocz and its worked great so I'm thinking to be brand loyal like I usually do. I do the same with Saphire gpu's.
  5. That PSU will work fine with the CF HD 6850's. ;)
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