Need Help Urgent please

Hey guys :)
I needed help with something.. i want to connect my pc to SOny bravia LED 3d tv and watch 3d movies...
My pc Specs are Listed ....
So after i connect my pc via hdmi cable ! what do i do? i know the answer but just wanted to consult before doing anything...
Your replies are welcomed :) thnk you in advance...
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    It depends on your laptop what key combination you have to do. For example this picture.

    You will have to press FN+F7 for the picture mentioned above. You see on F7 the screen with the arrow.

    A keyboard like this one

    You will have to press FN+F4

    Press the keybuttons and see if it works for you. Sometimes you have to do it 2 times to get it to work.

  2. ok Mate
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