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New Gaming PC [$1500-$1700 NZD] Website Built

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September 16, 2012 5:45:26 AM

Hi guys, this is the first time i've ever gone into a gaming computer, i've always been a gamer, just without a good gaming PC, as i'm not in tune with building one myself, i have chosen to go with a website to guide me to build one, i know that it would probably be better to build one myself, but i really need more experience before i go and do something like that.

I am open to other suggestions as to makig a new computer, i do have a computer place in town were to could ship in parts for him to build.

Approximate Purchase Date: 4-6 Weeks from now.

Budget Range: $1500-1700 NZD

System Usage: Gaming

Are you buying a monitor: Already bought a monitor, here it is here:

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: Any New Zealand website that you think is good.

Location: New Zealand, NZD.

Overclocking: Not possible with websites?

SLI or Crossfire: Maybe in future.

Your Monitor Resolution: I am able to use 1920x1080, but probably won't use the highest due to needing a better graphics card, advice?

Additional Comments: Basically what i'm looking for is a computer that will run every game on a Medium setting, i probably won't get an ultra setting for every game with my budget, but i'm sure i can achieve medium on most games.

And Most Importantly, Why Are You Upgrading: My current Laptop is complete rubbish in term of gaming.

Right now, these websites are my options for making a PC, right now i'm leading towards the 2nd website computer.



Please tell me other places you know of, New Zealand sites, and please tell me if these places are rip offs, and suggest to me how i should get my first gaming PC, thanks.

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September 16, 2012 3:33:10 PM

Whilst it's difficult to tell, the 2nd website "looks" better, but the only real way to tell is to look up user reviews, to see what experiences people have actually had re quality and after-sales support. The thing that always worries me about budget pre-built sites is their habit of using power supplies, in them, that are total c**p. I strongly recommend you find out what PSU is to be used, and be sure it's a good one. You may find it explodes, the day it goes out of warranty!!!
The best answer, of course, is to build your own. Check out some "build your first computer" guide. It really isn't difficult, these days (no soldering, or anything). You don't need much more than a screwdriver, and an ability to follow the instructions, and there's plenty of help, if you need it.