Modular female issue please! help

im building a budget computer have everything here was installing stuff no issue but the case I got comes with 3 fans pre built in to the front side and back all the fans take a 4 pin I guess modular power connection well they are all female and my psu a 700 watt coolmax came with plenty of cables but not one male modular cable it does have 3 female available but not a single male one so im left with every fan not being able to function and cant find what I need I figure maybe I can get a male to male cable but everything ive found is for male to female nothing that will do the reverse of what I want ... please any suggestions or help is appreciated
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  1. Fan usually connect to small fan headers on the motherboard. Maybe the fans have an adapter on.
  2. wow the only help I need is a slap in the face ... they can connect either male or female 4 pin just need to look at the back side of the cable the front is female back is male thanks for the quick reply ... im gonna sulk for a bit lol
  3. haha no problem. Happens to all of us at least once. I generally forget to plug in the CPU power at some point.
  4. lol yeah its been awhile for me putting together a new system but your reply did help I went to check if there was an adapter and found that the plugs were double sided :)
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