My cpu cant clock my fan

Hello, I recently bought a new computer (or more accurately all the components for a computer).
But the problem is that when i turn it on the fan runs at normal speed for a few seconds then slows down making the computer not start up.

A friend told me that the cpu could't clock the fan and i could solve this by turning it off and on again and letting it run for a minute. But it didnt help :(

Thank you in advance for the help
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  1. What CPU & fan do you have? Why do you think its the problem?
  2. A quick thought on this - modern motherboards often have numerous fan headers on them. Are you sure that the cpu fan is connected to the cpu fan header - there is 1 specifically marked up for this purpose and most mobo will not allow the bios to execute if there is no fan attached to this header.
  3. the fan slows down but still keeps spinning?
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