Intel HD Graphics 4000 Erratic behavior

I recently replaced my heat sink. Since then, sometimes my home hilt machine will mess up and my OS (Ubuntu 12.10 64 bit) will say that I don't have a graphics card. This also happened when I first built the computer. At that time, the problem went away after about 2-3 days. What is this problem? My CPU is an Intel Core i5 3570K (stock clock) and my hesitant is the CoolerMaster Hyper TX3.
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  1. It is surely a Driver issue.

    Have you update to the latest Intel Graphics Driver ?
  2. I'm on Ubuntu Linux 12.10...

    I don't think I have the latest intel driver. How do I get it? I'm very good with the command line, so I'd prefer not to do it with a GUI.

    Also the issue was not the GPU, it was the famous race condition with lightdm that started in Ubuntu 12.10... It just required adding a line to a conf file. No biggie.

  3. Visit the Intel Driver Update Utility website and scan :

    Here is another link:
  4. For future reference, it was a race condition in Ubuntu Linux... I had a SATA III SSD on the SATA II port. Since then, I have stopped using Linux in favor of OSX on this rig.
  5. Thanks for the update and good to hear things are good now.
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