AMD FX-8350 4.0Ghz vs Intel Xeon e3-1230 v2(For Server)

I am wondering which of the 2 processors would best fit my needs for a dedicated server that I plan on collocating.

This server's main job will be to run an application that I developed in Microsoft C# that uses multi-threading. There could be anywhere between 50-100 threads running at once in this application, and I'm sure in the majority of the cases would be taking advantage of 100% of the CPU power.

So naturally, I assume that the Intel Xeon e3-1230 would be better suited for this as it is meant to be a server processor, while the AMD FX-8350 is meant to be a desktop processor. However the AMD CPU has 8 cores (doesn't rely on hyper-threading) at a higher frequency of 4.0GHz, diference of 0.7GHz, and more L2 Cache. NOt to mention that the AMD CPU is about $40 cheaper. Though the power consumption for the AMD CPU is higher then the Intel Xeon.

Can anyone offer any insight into this dilemma? I'm including some spec information below:

AMD FX-8350
Frequency: 4.0GHz
Multi-Core: 8 Cores
Hyper-threading: NO
L2 Cache: 4 x 2MB
L3 Cache: 8MB
Power: 125W
Price: $200

Intel Xeon e3-1230 v2
Frequency: 3.3GHz
Multi-Core: 4 Cores
Hyper-threading: YES
L2 Cache: 4 x 256KB
L3 Cache: 8MB
Power: 69W
Price: $240

Thanks and any help is appreciated!
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  1. Personally I would say the Xeon, since it's main purpose is being a server chip.

    The FX is for retail consumer use, I couldn't really see it being a server CPU.

    Xeons are the rulers of server CPUs no doubt about that, so I would be inclined to say Xeon.

    But I don't know how that model compares to an FX 8350
  2. if you don't want a Xeon look for Opteron (AMD's server CPU's and currently in use of world's faster super computer)
  3. Thanks for the reply guys. Yea I think I'll be going with the Xeon CPU. Better off having the reliability of a CPU designed for servers.
  4. xeon i allways prefer intel
  5. What differs XEON from Core i processors is the ECC memory support (critical for servers) and the possibility to use more than one processor at the same motherboard. Not for XEON E3! You can only use 1. Guess what?

    AMD FX-8350 supports ECC! For a small server, it just sounds perfect. Fits better than the XEON.
    The FX is more "server processor" than a desktop processor. No GPU, hight number of cores and ECC support.

    Energy saving wouldn't be relevant, in my opinion. To get 8x cores with this xeon, you would need 140W (using 2 xeons). FX on low load consumes 15W-50W. 1x Xeon on low loads consume the same!

    More about ECC:

    Also, give a good look at the instruction set supported by FX compared to XEON:
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