Hp 6210 printer maual change from landscape to portrait

Hello- I bought a new computer - hp notebook with win 7- I have a HP 6210 all in one. I tried using the new software upgrade for Win 7 however it won't allow me to scan in pdf - only tiff etc. picture files. I tried using the win 7 hp install - the same result. How can I get the printer to scan in as PDF? Thanks.
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  1. You can buy Adobe Acrobat Standard of Professional or you can get a free TIFF to PDF convertor see: http://www.softinterface.com/Convert-Image-To-PDF/Convert-Tiff-To-PDF.htm
  2. As that printer is certified for Vista, you may be able to install the original scanning software to work with W7, a lot of Vista stuff will work. Try running it in admin mode.
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