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not able to find the doenload link. pls help
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  1. Hello subramani_05;

    Autocad is not a free program. That could by why you can't find a link?
  2. free trial:
    afaik, if you're a student, you can register with autodesk and get it for free as long as you follow their guidelines.
    you cannot download the paid version for free though. it's piracy and tomshardware does not support piracy.
  3. here is the TRIAL if that's what you are looking for.

    Autocad is a very expensive program and not free. if you are a student you may be able to access it o. the schools network of buy it from the school for a student price. what exactly are your needs? there may be open source programs that have some basic functionality someone could suggest. no one here is going to help you steal it though

    edit: gah you beat me de5_roy. LOL stupid slow phone
  4. Hello,
    Not able to give doenload link. sry. *shakes head*
  5. There is a 30 day free trial which was posted above....contains options for students and private individuals / businesses. I d/l it every now and then while waiting for new registration codes.
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