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Will this all work together?

First off, sorry if this is a silly question. New to this :(

This is the first time I'm trying to crossfire grfx cards so i'm not 100% positive on the power supply and the CPU part about it all.

I'm going to be running two Radeon HD 7850's with a 650w power supply and a AMD FX-4100(3.6GHz).

I've already checked the compatibility with the motherboard for everything and it all seems to check out. I'll also be running 24 GB of ram, should that matter.

So I guess my question is, will that all run? Do I need to get a faster CPU, ect ect.

Thanks in advance for any help!
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  1. ram shouldn't matter and depending on your PSU, it may or may not work. That's on the lower edge of what I would say is acceptable. If it's rated for crossfire, it will probably work. personally, I don't think it's worth crossfiring with your CPU, but I'm not a big fan of SLI or crossfire. I prefer one single card.
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    650 is fine for two 7850's but I would go up to 750watts for future upgrades
    as far as the processor goes I would go for the amd 8 core to make sure both cards get fully utilized...when I had my q6600 with two gtx 280's and I oced my cpu I saw a big performance increase so dont cheap out on the processor...24 gigs of ram is overkill...I would go with 8 gigs max...the more ram sticks you have the harder it is to overclock your system since you have to pump more voltage to the ram to keep it stable and more sticks equals more voltage
  3. Alright, I'll take note of the RAM comment.
    I've found an eight core processor like you suggested. The motherboard I was going to get just went out of stock. Did you guys have any recommendations? Below $150 preferably.
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