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So yeah I am building a PC and these are the parts I am going for, Is this a good build? and is it all compatible.

1. Can this be Overclocked
2. What kind of FPS will I get on games such as Skyrim, WOW, Borderlands, Sleeping dogs ect
3. What kind of FPS will i get if i downgrade to a 7850?

I CAN'T GO OVER THIS PRICE, so none of this "ITs more expensive but better so get ect..."

But any alternatives that are cheaper are welcome.

i5 3570k
HD 7870 XFX edition
z77 Socket mobo
Seagate 500Gb HDD
520w PSU
Hyper 212 Cooler
Fractal Case
8Gb corsair RAM
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  1. All should work fine. PSU may be weak if you are gonna upgrade to Crossfire later on, but other than that, its fine.
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