Computer will only boot up after power connected for 5 minutes


PC, 4 years old, quad core Intel, ASUS P5QL mobo, HEC 550 W PSU, worked perfectly but now is completely dead until the power has been on for around five minutes. Then it boots normally and again works perfectly apart from not returning from sleep mode. Will a new PSU or mobo solve the problem?
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  1. I would try the PSU first - it looks like a power problem.
  2. try replacing the cmos battery first.on new mb if there low or dead some mb wont post till the cap/cmos has a charge.
  3. I have replaced the cmos batery but there was no effect. I suppose there could be a duff capacitor somewhere.
  4. I would test with the PSU - it could be capacitors on the mobo causing the issue, but more often than not it will be PSU related.
  5. Thanks - I have ordered a new PSU - wasn't easy to find .
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