New here, need help making a decent gaming rig.

Recently got into upgrading, its been fun but I'd like a few more ideas before I dive in and upgrade.

What I've done so far is add RAM, now at 4 gigs. I changed my graphic card, an XFX Radeon 6450 2GB card, and a 400 Watt PS.
Next I'd like is to get rid of my current motherboard and CPU, and upgrade, as I'm on a dual core from 2008.

I'd prefer an i3 but an i5 isn't out of the running either. So on what I've done so far, what would be good to get on a budget. I'm in Canada, so if any other Canadians are out here, I'd love some input.

Monitor I have, Windows 7 64 I have, so its just the MOBO and CPU.
Thanks and cheers!
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  1. From what I've read, and noticed, the i5 is perfect for gaming purposes. the i7 is obviously good too, however, it's unnecessary and cost $100 more. So generally stick with the i5. The i3 isn't bad persay, but a lot of games coming out now can actually use all 4 cores of a quad, so the i3 might leave you wanting. Not lacking, but just wanting.

    Theres nothing wrong with the GPU you have, but if you want more power go with the 7000 series Radeons if you're upgrading your board and CPU. They're cheaper (dropping in price yet again!) and overall, I have NO complaints about their performance. Mind you though, I've never used a 6000 series. So you'd know better than I!

    In terms of MoBos, from what I've noticed, ASRock is a good brand.

    The Corsair H60 is a decent closed loop liquid cooler and should perform the same, if not slightly better, than most medium to high end air coolers, and it's significantly cheaper. Generally though, make sure you buy a case that's built for chunky rads like the H60 has, or else you could be looking at blocked fan ports in push-pull or pull-push configurations. Overall though, you're safe with that.

    In terms of RAM, I used to game not even 3 months ago with 4GB and never had an issue. Don't get confused, more RAM is technically better, but between 4GB and 8GB should be more than enough for any modern gaming. Generally, Corsair is a good brand I like and trust.

    Upgrade your PSU. Not because a 400w is too small, but just to give you a little leg room in case you decide to go crossfire in the future, it saves a purchase that's not necessary. Try for 700w, just make sure it's brand name.

    All that's left is the internal storage. Don't get caught up in the hype of SSDs for gaming. They make absolutely no noticable difference in terms of load times, etc. I've tried multiple games ranging from BF3 on highest settings down to Minecraft, and there's no noticable improvement from my HDD to my SSD. Overall though, if you want a MUCH faster computer in general for other tasks (such as Windows junk), get an SSD. It's the single most noticable improvement in system reaction time over any other component. You won't regret it, I assure you. However, keep a 1TB to 2TB HDD as your secondary for storage and installed games.

    I hope that helps!
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