How do i tell between graphics card failure, or motherboard PCI-E slot failure?

Built my pc a few days ago, was using the integrated graphics from my motherboard since I was waiting for my Graphics card to arrive. When I installed the graphics card, red lines started appearing, and when I installed the drivers, it would no longer boot past windows 7 startup screen. I am using a Sapphire 6870 and a ASrock H61m-GS motherboard. It definitely has enough power, since I'm using a OCZ-ZS 550w psu. My question is, which is faulty, the PCI-E slot on my motherboard, or the Graphics Card. I have tried using HDMI and VGA, both produce the red lines. How do I check which is faulty? I don't want to return an item that is not faulty :-(
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  1. I doubt it is the GPU but the only way to know for sure would be to plug it into another computer.

    based on review an several sites I would exchange the motherboard since it seems to have hardware issues and has been discontinued.
  2. sounds like the card is deffective.
  3. Thank you for the replys, I went to my friends house and tried the card out at his. Got the same red lines, it's definitely the card.
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