Remove password from netgear router

remove password from netgear router
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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    Which password do you want to remove and, just out of interest, why?

    Openn Internet Explorer or anothe rbrowser and in the UL address, type then press Enter. That should get you to the router's interface and then the settings pages. You need a password to get past that stage and in the case of Netgears, it's usually simply "password" (without the quotes of course) so enter that then look for the page wher eyou can change it.

    If it's the wireless security key you want to change, look for Wireless and Security - change to a high level of security - WPA2 is best - and change to that, keeping a noote outside the computer of the new key. Apply and Save the changes an d logout.

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