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I3-3217U or i5-3317U ? Is the i5 worth an extra $120?

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January 30, 2013 5:15:46 PM

i3-3217U or i5-3317U ? Is the i5 worth an extra $120?

Hey folks, the title gives the general picture: I'm looking at a system with the exact same specs, but the a processor choice of an i3- or i5-3317U.

The upgrade would cost an extra $120... is this worth it for the performance boost of the i5? The passmark score for the i3 is about 2200, and the i5 beats that out by about 800 points. However, the system (a tablet) will be used mostly for entertainment & light gaming, and both chips have the same integrated HD 4000 GMA GPU, so I don't know how much the extra CPU boost will really matter in either smooth video playback & web browsing or the light gaming, where I expect the GMA to be the bottleneck much more than the CPU...

Rationally, given my needs and the spec difference, it seems like I should save the extra money. Emotionally, it's a bit of "OMG i3 is teh suxors lolz wtf is this an Atom processor?" And so I could use some advice from those a bit more experienced with these processor ranges.

Thanks for your thoughts!

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January 30, 2013 5:32:55 PM

While I'm not to experienced in Intel processors I thought I would give my thoughts, you said it was on a tablet? I think the i3 should do good for just browsing and doing a few little games here and there I agree with you when you said the real bottleneck is probably gonna be the graphics. I think for an extra $120 you should be getting more then that for that price then just an i5, I would say save your money. I think the i3 will do just fine for what you want ^^
February 7, 2013 12:04:20 PM

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