Well long story short:

1. skyrim worked beautiful the last time i played it with my hd6950

------- upgraded to a gtx 670 ---------

The rest of the system stayed the same:
8gb g skill ram
samsung 830 ssd
gigabyte p67- ud3-b3 mb

2. So now, the game runs like total crap, i get shadow flickering, the water totally whigs out whenever i look at it. It even causes the music to get choppy.

Ive been checking for new drivers but nothing yet so im still using the 301.42

So..... has anyone tried any different drivers witht their gtx 670 and had better luck or happen to have similiar issues and found a solution?
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  1. Did you completely uninstall the AMD drivers before installing the Nvidia drivers?
  2. Sounds to me like you botched the upgrade. You need to fully remove the AMD drivers before the NVidia drivers are installed
  3. The upgrade was not botched, i built the computer myself, and have been doing so for a decade. Ive read of people that had problems with the game in the past with nividia cards, and the game ran great until i upgraded, and again yea i uninstalled the drivers correctly.

    Surely i cant be the only one

    Also uninstalled the hd texture patch thinking it had something to do with it, no changes.
  4. Try the new 304 beta drivers. If those don't help try a few other games. If the problem persists, your 670 is a turd.
  5. You need to follow these steps, if you haven't already (perform any of these actions that you may have missed):

    May have to re-install your Nvidia drivers as well, so here's steps to ensure complete uninstall for them too:
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    If after you did what BigMack70 told you and it still didn't work, try the new Beta drivers:
  7. Alright thx for the help guys, gonna try the beta drivers
  8. That's odd, I had the 301.41 drivers and Skyrim ran fine on my GTX 670. I just installed the latest beta drivers and it still performs good. After you clean up your old driver bits (Driver Sweeper is good to use for Nvidia drivers.), try OC/downclocking the card. Still odd that it is giving you issues.

    Since you mentioned odd shadows and such, is the card overheating? use MSI Afterburner and/or GPU-Z to monitor the temps. You can also run a Furmark burn in test. Another thing you can do is run a memtest to test the integrity of your RAM.

    I've never had issues with my GPUs with Skyrim (old SLI GTX 560 Ti, now GTX 670 w/ single GTX 560 Ti as PhysX, though the PhysX card is useless in this game). Aside from the buggy game at launch like backwards flying dragons and such, I've never had issues with my Nvidia GPUs.
  9. It works, it works!!! the beta drivers work :)

    woohoo back to playing, thanks again guys
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