Need advice for a videocard to purchase!

Hello all!

Looking to purchase a video card for my new computer build. I am stuck between the HD 7850 or the nVidia 560 Ti. Which one would be the better card? I want this computer to be able to run Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on max settings and may be also playing some BF3 (which I would also like to run on high settings). I will also be doing some photo/video rendering with this computer. Please help!

Specs of new comp build:
i5 2500K (planning to OC to ~4.5 Ghz)
8GB Kingston HyperX Ram
120GB Crucial M4 SSD
650W Corsair PSU

I also plan to OC the graphics card as well.
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  1. The 7850 is quicker than the 560Ti. Its also going to do better in rendering than the GeForce card.

    The rest of your computer looks great.
  2. I'm just a little hesitant to buy an AMD card when I've been with nVidia for over a decade now. I'm just a bit brand loyal lol. Also, I've read a some threads that are a few months old regarding driver issues with the 7850. Does anyone know if there are still issues going on with this?
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    7850 will be better. It has more Vram and it is newer. You can only crossfire 2 with both of them. The difference in frame rate I can't imagine would be to substantial but the 7850 is more future because it has twice as much ram and is just a newer card. The 7850 uses one six pin so it also uses a lot less power. I have a 560ti and it is a good card but I don't know why you would pick one over a 7850 as they are about the same price. One problem I heard with the 7000 series though is that there are some problems with crossfire.
  4. I wouldn't say AMD drivers are problematic. I've run my 6950 on AMD drivers (duh) and its run perfectly for quite awhile.
  5. The 7850 is a great card, try to buy one with 1gb of memory if you want to save a bit of money since you wouldn't really need more at 1080p or lower.

    CS:GO will max out on much less powerful cards than either of them so thats no problem. BF3 will run better on the 7850 for sure.
  6. Yes the 7850 would run BF3 faster than the 560Ti would as well. For reference on campaign, my 6950 runs it on ultra 1080p at about 50fps. The 7850 is faster than my card, so it should do very well.
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