Gaming at 1360x768 - Which card?

Hi, what would be a good card to near max out games at 1360x768 WITHOUT overclocking the CPU/GPU

CPU: i5 3450
RAm: 8Gb 1600MHz

I won't be going above that resolution on the PC I'm installing it on, nor do I want an overkill card eg. GTX 560Ti
I was thinking along the lines of an HD 7770

Thanks :)
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  1. Thanks Mack :) I sacrificed an SSD for a GPU upgrade :P Nearly went for the GTX 550Ti
  2. Amongst my options though, I was looking at the 6770 - does it do an even job?
  3. Sapphire HD7770 O.C edition it is :D Thanks!
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  5. Lol don't make me doubt now xD - coz I was actually thinking of the GTX 550Ti/HD7770 - and the benchmarks at my res show quite a bit of positivity on these 2 cards
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