Bf3 and 7950?

I recently purchased an hd radeon 7950 twinfrozr III edition...And i feel as if im not getting the performance i paid for...Ultra settings on multiplayer on say operation metro,Outside...I get down in the 40's 50's but inside i CAN get up in the 100's but most of the time inside its around 65-70 and this is with a 1050 core and 1550 memory overclock...all other games run pretty well but does bf3 just hate the 7XXX series cards...And btw i am running 12.7 drivers i believe...MSI afterburner says 12.6 but im sure i installed 12.7 beta's...

FX6100 4.6GHZ
16GB Gskill 1600mhz
ASUS M5A97 Mobo
Antec 750w HCG
running at 1920x1080 Ultra settings preset BF3...

EchoOne :sol:
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    you seem to be getting the right amount of frames for your hardware. BF3 can be quit demanding and multiplayer will drop in fps not only because your gpu but also your cpu.
  2. BF3 tends to perform better on Intel/Nvidia rigs. Even in 64 player matches with explosions everywhere, my rig does not dip below 60 FPS with VSYNC on the entire time on Ultra. I would say your rig is performing right according to your specs.
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  4. Alright thanks guys :) and yeah i noticed bf3 favors Nvidia Cards alot :P owell atleast i know i didnt get a dud card :)
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