I7 370k vs i7 3930k

ok so i have already read similar topics but have heard mixed reactions. i am building my 1st rig and dont know which to get. i will be gaming, editing video, rendering,3d models, CAD, programming etc.

i know these are both great cpus, but which is better? if you know of a better one for around this price range let me know.

here are my specs : http://pcpartpicker.com/p/A2rZ

tell me if i need to improve on amything

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  1. RAM? Id get 16 min or 32 GB depending on what you are doing.

    For strictly gaming, the 680 4GB and the i7 3930k are overkill. A 670 2GB and i7 3770k are fine.

    Rendering and 3d models Id look at the programs you are using. A radeon 79xx series will eat the 680 for breakfast on anything that involves double precision compute, check for this. Does what you are doing support cuda?

    Really, what will you be doing with this computer, if its casual then perhaps its better to save money with the i7 3770k, if you will be making money that its better to get the 3930k.

    The 3930 will have slightly less than 50% more power than the 3770k but only on the aps that can support twelve threads.
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