Cant get a picture on dell-dimension-c521 and it\'s not the moniter

my dell dimension c521 desk top does not give me (picture) anything on my monitor. I know for sure my monitor is ok. Plus the power button does not turn off I have to unplug it from the outlet. I have been told I needed a video card but not the problem with the power button I'm not so sure. Any ideas? Thanks, Raylene
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  1. it sounds like its a motherboard problem.

    Your power button has a light on it - blinking amber means there a problem with the pc or attached/installed device, solid amber means its a power supply issue

    what are the 1234 light doing? They should flash on & off while booting up.
    1 green = no ram detected
    2 - expansion card issue (could be gpu)
    3 - possible cpu failure
    4 - computer is in recovery mode.
    1&3 - memory config error or conflict
    23 - drive failure
    234 - usb or usb device failure
    24 - graphics failure
    34 - memory problems again
  2. Hi. My Dell Dimension C521 while booting up 2&3 green light keeps flashing on & off. I saw your post and you said it could be a drive failure. I was wondering if you were referring to the hard drive, floppy or DVD drive because recently changed my DVD drive and the problem still persists. Can you please help me?
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