First build for home use, occasional gaming

Thanks in advance for your comments / suggestions.

-Plan to purchase within next month but would be willing to hold off until black friday for deals
-Budget ~$850, after tax / shipping / rebates, less is always better
-Mainly internet browsing, work related (MS Office, rarely matlab), occasional gaming (mostly FPS like borderlands and open world sand box games, ex. Grand Theft Auto IV)
-don't need monitor or any other peripherals.
-NO plans to overclock or do multi GPUs
-in southern california so i have to pay tax on newegg and amazon now but also about an hr away from a micro center so would like to take advantage of that
-resolution is usually 1440 x900

--any suggestions on where i can cut costs or increase bang for my buck would be greatly appreciated
-I was going to migrate my old HD over for data storage and then pick up a new drive in the future, probably a WD caviar but most of my data is on external HDs.
-the case should have at least 1 USB3 port on the front panel and no extra LEDs or side windows. Balance of silence and running cool is the emphasis and to be as discrete as possible
-GPU wise, i'm not attached to nvidia or ATI. looking for something in the range of 200-250.

Here's what I have so far,

CPU: Intel core i5 3450
Mobo: ASRock H77M Micro ATX
RAM: Corsair 2x4gb DDR3 1600
Storage: Crucial m4 64gb
GPU: HIS Radeon 7870
Case: Antec One
PSU: Antec neo eco 520W
Drive: Asus blu ray reader
OS: Win7 premium 64bit

total by my math after tax, shipping, rebates: 835.09

Thank you again
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  1. honestly your build is the best bang for buck .
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