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I had problems wetting up the internet in the place I recently moved to for college. The complex gets a specific modem for all their houses 1 per townhouse, it is a SMC SMC8014WG. SMC networks wireless modem with ethernet ports.

I built my custom pc and had to buy a wireless adapter to connect to the modem, the connection was not pretty and spotty so I moved the modem close to my computer and tried a direct ethernet connection but it will not connect via ethernet only wireless, but my laptop will connect with ethernet and wireless.

The wireless adapter I bought was a trendnet TEW-648UB. With the modem closer to my pc it is a better connection, but still a very spotty one so I want to connect with a wired connection, but as I said my desktop will not recognize the ethernet cable (which works I can connect with it on my laptop)connection.
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  1. I just went on my laptop with a wired connection and tested speedtest, not 100% accurate but a good thing to just look at, and got the whole 12 mbps connection speed that I should have. I try it on the desktop that is connected wireless and....

    1st : 4mbps
    2nd: 1mbps
    3rd: 9 mbps

    And can just dc altogether.

    Once again, my desktop is not accepting the wired connection it has right now and is only connecting via wireless, which is spotty.
  2. First thing would be that those USB wireless adapters are not really all that great.

    Next question would be, for the wired connection on the desktop, did you go through the network setup procedure laid out in the manual for that router (going into your network settings to make sure they are what they should be)?
    I looked at the manual and the network setup is pretty basic, and by default should be correct but it doesn't hurt to check them. They also go into configuring the modem itself.

    Off the top of my head settings is the first thing that comes to mind. That or your ethernet card in the PC is not functioning like it should.
  3. Well, it did not come with a manual. It is a bulk thing with the isp and the college complex so they just send it out with the cords and a wireless disc that is not even needed.
  4. Problem solved, it was a driver issue.
  5. Good to hear. If you ever need it they have the manuals on their website.
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