Need advice on which surge protector/UPS to purchase

I built my first gaming computer back in September, and i'm finally about to purchase a surge protector or UPS. I've done plenty of research on what a UPS does, but feel like I could use some good ole' Toms Hardware community advice.

Computer specifications are as follows:
CPU: Intel Core i5-3570K
CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO
Motherboard: MSI Z77A-GD65, BIOS 10.7
GPU: MSI GTX 660 Ti Power Edition OC
SSD: Samsung 830 Series, 128GB
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
Memory: Corsair Vengeance Low Profile 8GB
Case: Corsair 500R Black
PSU: Seasonic X-650
Mouse: Logitech G700
Keyboard: Logitech G510
Headset: Logitech G930

Now i've heard that it's smart to buy a UPS instead of just a surge protector if money isn't an issue. Currently, i'm looking at this one:

I want to make sure that it will be both compatible and have enough wattage to keep my computer on for just a few minutes. I wasn't planning on needing something to keep my computer running for a while when power goes out-(I really just want good surge protection)-but if a UPS like this one is a better investment than say one of those 20-30$ surge protector mats, I would like to know.

Appreciate the help :)
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  1. Unless it's critical I wouldn't bother with a UPS, I'd just go for a good old surge protector, I'm currently using Masterplug Surgeguards.
  2. "First off, this won't be very useful if you're planning to use it for a TV or larger monitor along with a PC. This size UPS is best for small equipment that you need clean, conditioned, reliable power at all times. I bought this one recently for my 1TB NAS + wireless router, and that's it. This really is cheap insurance as compared to data loss that could happen with a brown out or worse. Again, I can't stress enough that if you're looking for a UPS for your tower PC & monitor along with a printer/scanner or HDTV & gaming console, have a look at a 900VA at the least."

    ^ Review taken from Amazon of
    But if i'm just looking for it to power my desktop with my mouse, headset, and keyboard usb drives, will one of the APC 550's work? This one is 330W output


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