Can you give me a list of all the parts required to build a gaming pc?

This is what i think is required add anything you may think im missing

Cooling system
Cd rom drive
Video Card
Sound Card if you want
Power Supply
Ethernet Card to connect your modem to the internet
A copy of Windows and whichever windows u prefer im guessing 7
And obviously the wires will come with it if its brand new
Im guessing you don't need that ssd thingy

Am i missing anything?
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  1. A few things missing. Budget, where are you (don't forget we're global), Do you need overclocking or SLi/Crossfire. What size/resolution monitor do you want. What do you want PC to do.
  2. Like malbluff said, it's important to know how big your budget is.

    I'm guessing he won't try any crossfire/sli, if he's new to gaming. He'll probably want to run games smoothly, never minding the resolution.
  3. Try this out:

    Makes it much easier to pick out your parts and buy them.
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