Xfx double 7950 3gb or gigabyte gtx 670

A friend has 7950 brand new sealed sell for $300. my question is buy the 7950 ? or pay $351 to get a used giga gtx 670 ?. I can't decide so help me out guys. thanks
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    the 7950 is much better choice at those prices. Its not much slower than the 670 and is also able to OC very well.
  2. The 7950 at $300 is a much better value than the GTX 670 at $400. That said, the GTX 670 obviously performs better. Pretty much up to you.

    Personally, I'd recommend getting that 7950 and overclocking it a bit.
  3. i can get a used one for 351 at amazon. hmm so the extra 51 buck is not worth it ?
  4. not really, since you'd have deal with a used one which is probably opened. Who knows why someone on amazon wants to sell their card.

    But I guess its up to you. both seems like good choices.
  5. ah ok thanks. i'll go for the 7950.
  6. Not when you can get a 7950 for 300$.
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