Clicking/noise/crackling from Power Supply.

The Power supply is a CX750, powering a 7950, i7-3930k, SSD+Drive, 8GB of RAM, and 4 fans.

I thought it was my GPU at first, but after listening with the side off I found out it was coming from the PSU.

Basically what happens is when I boot it will make an electrical clicking noise, then it dies down, the once I start a game, it starts clicking rapidly(but not when alt tabbed out)

Any solutions?
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  1. If it's still under warrenty i'd return it. It's never a good sign when it starts making these sounds.
  2. Take it to a certified professional. A PSU is not the component that can be easily be fixed by an amateur.
  3. Don't take the chance. RMA it immediately.
  4. PSU and noise, RMA it or throw it if it's not on warranty as it could burn ALL of your components and these components will not be on warranty anymore as the PSU will surely give too mutch voltage and burn the chip on ram, GPU, motherboard and everything that is plugged-in... at the second you hear it, don't use it anymore, don't take the chance to scrap 1000$ worth of your PC only for a 100$ PSU...
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