Upgrade to do, but what exactly

Hi everyone,
i Would like to know what is better to upgrade for the moment. /Sorry for my English in advance./

Approximate Purchase Date: In 2 weeks or so

Budget Range: 300-400 euro

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming, Movies, Internet /Mostly gaming/

Are you buying a monitor: No

Parts to Upgrade: CPU+MB or VGA

Prefered Websites : Amazon or idk

Location: Vienna, Austria

Parts Preferences: CPU- Intel /mb and vga - no prefernce/

OC: Yes

SLI or Crossfire: Maybe

Monitor Resolution: 1680x1080

I was thinking of upgarding the CPU and MB To:

CPU - Intel CPU Core i5 3570K
Motherboard - ASRock Z77 Extreme 4

Or The VGA to:

AMD 7970 But have no idea which version or brand.

The current system is :

CPU : i5 750 2.8 Ghz @ 3.5 Ghz
RAM : 2x4 Gb 1600 mhz Kingston HyperX
MB : Gigabyte P55 USB3 /very disapionting MB/
SSD : OCZ Vertex 3 120gb
HDD : 1TB Seagate
HDD : 500gb Seagate
PSU : 500W Fortron /idk exactly cuz the pc is not were i am now but its around 500W/
VGA : sapphire 5770 1gb gddr5 /with the drop-like cooling/
ODD : some dvd-dl-rw /I never, ever use it/

So i would like to know what will be better to upgrade and yes i know that the system is not much but yeah :D.

P.S. The HDDs are Full only 10-20 gb of free space. SSD is only half full /OS/

Thank you for the help in advance.

Best regards,

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  1. Be nice to do both. Given Haswell is due mid 2013, I would think it's best to change GPU now, and CPU/mobo, once Haswell's out, and it's clearer which is best way to go. By the way, I would look at GTX 670. Certainly better than HD7970, at your resolution. If you're planning upgrade to 2560x1600, then HD7970 may be better choice.
  2. The thing is that i can get both cards at the same price, and no i don't plan on getting anything higher than 1080p any time soon. So i have decided it would be nice to get the graphic card but the problem now is which card.

    GTX 670 or The 7970 OC sapphire /cuz i can find then at the same price/
  3. I would go with a 7970. Performs better than a 670 with the recent firmware updates, and is a more future proof solution given that it will support multiple screens/higher resolution a lot better.

    I do agree with the Haswell idea though. If you can put off a platform upgrade till then, it would be best.

    Also never heard of Fortron. Maybe a PSU upgrade is in order as well, generic units are not to be trusted.
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