Help: Sapphire HD 7970 or 7950

Its only £319.99 which seems to be a very good price, however from reviews it seem that it doesnt support dual DVI. How do i get QuadHD if this is the case?!

Its around £260 and is very highly praised i think. Does anyone know if its the overclocked edition mentioned here:

Which one should i go for based on bang for my buck? I will be playing games and autoCading at 2560x1440.
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  1. Go with the non reference version. 2 monitors can be DVI + HDMI I think.

    you also linked 2 7970s.
  2. custom fans. the AMD normal red fan is loud and also not very good.

    The 7950 at 300 looks good. The 670 also looks good, at your resolution and using autocad I'd go with the 7950.
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