Cpu always idle at 25% load

Over the past couple weeks I've been noticing that my cpu charts doesn't stay low for too long. It is almost always at 25% usage. And I open up core temp and it always shows at least 2 cores at 50% and my auto OC if idling sits at 1.5ghz or so. Now it's always at 3.3ghz and above normal idle temperates (33oC instead of 28s) I've tried to disable most processes like the adobes and non-essentials. But nothing. I noticed dwm.exe is up at 13k memory usage and goes to 1% cpu usage on and off even when doing nothing. Any tips on how to figure out the problem? Thanks. Heres some specs also i have razer naga drivers and roccat keyboard drivers up if that makes a difference or not. and I've disabled indexing with no effect.

Asrock Fatal1ty z68 1155 (xfast lan enabled)
core i5 2500k 4.4ghz (when in heavy use)
corsair 850ax psu
2x 260 gtx sli
fatal1ty sound card
bitfenix fan controller
lite-on dvd burner
zalman 9900max HSF
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  1. Could be a number of things but best to start with the basics, is your anti spyware anti virus up to date and have you run a scan to look for infection on your PC? As for dwn.exe, Quote from Howtogeek.com "The size of the DWM process is controlled by the number of windows that you have open, since each window requires a buffer in memory to store the contents of the window. If you have a large number of very large windows open, DWM will use more memory."
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