Low FPS in SC2... is it my graphics card?

Hi guys, My first post but here it goes..
Playing starcraft 2...
I am getting 30 to 20 to 15 fps at the start of the game and it stays that way for the duration.

AMD Phenom II quad core
ASUS Motherboard
4gb gskill ripjaw ddr3
AMD xfx R6570 graphics card
Win XP 32 bit

I am connected via vga, I have a converter to connect it to either HDMI or some other port that I don't really know anything about

otherwise the game looks great.
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  1. any problems with other games?

    your graphics card should be ok, check the settings and lower then to check if performance improves.
  2. ok... just lowered the setting and no fps problems.... but isn't my card good enough to run at least medium settings?
  3. funny thing, i had a gtx 460 in it and it still couldn't run at the highest settings, i had to have them at lowest, and on top of that the graphics weren't even good when it was on the highest
  4. weird. you should be able to run on medium.

    you probably need to reinstall drivers.

    download driversweeper and delete any nvidia or AMD graphics drivers and then reinstall your drivers from AMD's website.
  5. You should be able to run it fine, but maybe on medium-low. What's your resolution?
  6. 1900X1200 or something like that... it looks great but the fps is slow in medium settings
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    That's a pretty high resolution for that card. You might just have to scale it back or upgrade to something a bit better.
  8. ok i uninstalled all the other drivers but i'll do a driver sweep and reinstall and see if that does anything... could I do overclocking or anything? I really don't even know what to do anymore this is the most annoying thing to build a gaming PC and not have it work well..
  9. you can overclock your gpu a bit, maybe 50mhz, maybe a few fps improvements but not much.
  10. ok what would be a good target to scale back to... ? thanks..
  11. scale back?
  12. Now I'm confused.
  13. Probaly your CPU Thotterling
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