HELP! Identify this connector!

I currently have a MSI MPOWER Motherboard with built in wifi. However, the connector to the built is wifi is puzzling me - i have no idea what it is.

Second picture, with all the USB's showing. it's on the third "Stack" from the left, on the very top.

Here's some pictures of the connector and the wire. (the wire fits into the connector, you get what i mean.)

Sorry for bumping moderator, I won't do so anymore.
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  1. Check the manual.
  2. Contact MSI, they'll know what replacement part you need (you can ask the model number, standard, etc... and then go to an electronic merchant to get some replament cheaper than the original)
  3. It appears to be an extender for an external WiFi antenna. Do you need the exact name and specifications? Isn't this in the product documentation somewhere?
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