High CPU Usage

Can anyone tell me how to trouble shoot and find out what the problem is?

MSI P7N platinum
Windows 7 32bit
4gb DDR2
Core 2 Duo E8400 @ 3.24 GHZ

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  1. I already followed that... Did every bit
  2. What is the problem? You're only at 11% cpu usage

    My install when it was new took up about 1-2% just on desktop with nothing open
    With chrome and word open I bounce between 5-11% on my sig rig
  3. Well when I run like relatively simple applications it goes straight to 100% same with the older games. Also CTRL Atl Del then click task manager... Cpu goes to 100%. Its just strange. Videos take me to 70% and more
  4. Well on a e8400 using software decode since the 9800gtx can't hardware accelerate, cpu usage is going to be pretty high

    And yes starting task manger send my cpu usage to 21% on sig rig and 75% on a e5200

    Games are going to be about 100% since they require lots of perfroamnce out of cpu generally

    what kind of simple applications are you talking about?
  5. Chrome, TS when it transmits...
  6. I'm going to venture here that you may want to clean the computer out - I ran into a similar issue not too long ago where heat was the problem. Also, the use of a driver sweeper program may prove to be helpful.
  7. Yeah I completely took the computer apart about a 2 weeks ago after 5 years of use. Cleaned it out really good, broke the stupid heatsink... Eyes are bad so I didn't see the arrow telling me to twist the pegs out... Had to replace it with a new heatsink....

    I am curious as to what freeware you would recommend for a driver sweeper.
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