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Voltage 8150 MSI 990fxa gd 80


I can easily get my 8150 to 4.3 stable on Prime 95. For some reason whenever I run Prime 95 my voltage drops down as low as 1.35 even though the highest temperature it gets to under load is 48 C. If I go through catalyst and run a auto frequency check the voltage stays at 1.48 + voltage (checked with msi control center and cpu-z). I thought that maybe catalyst was limiting my voltage in Prime 95, but apparently not. In bios it is set at 1.449, but running Prime 95 it PEAKS at 1.375. Any ideas? I am running custom water cooling push pull cougar fans in a thermaltake snow so I dont think temp is the problem. ANY help would be appreciated. PLEASE HELP?
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  1. OK, after reading and software/ hardware experimentation I have finally come to a conclusion. MSI 990FXA-GD80 is awful with providing voltage to the CPU. MSI even tried to create a V2 chipset (which they called a new bios). It is my belief that there is a hardware fault within the board itself that they would rather not admit to. Instead they limit the voltage for YOUR protection. In my 15 years of building computers for businesses, family, and friends, as well as, myself I have yet to see a single hardware company that was so concerned with the wellbeing of another companies components that they would have the grace to limit themselves regardless of what other hardware is placed within their gentle hands.
    Unfortunately, they must have accidently missed part of the motherboard when it came to their "military" specs. I know I am "venting" a lot, but for a $200 motherboard (at the time) from a worldwide company I would have expected more. Steer clear of MSI. Luckily word of mouth is a VERY powerful tool. They may have screwed me over, but for their gain of $200 they have lost thousands in recommendations to clients. I seem to remember this happened with a company once before; oh yeah! Seagate after they merged/ bought out Maxtor. At least we still have ASUS, ASROCK, hell even BIOSTAR stands a chance now if MSI is going to conduct business in this manner.
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    there is nothing wrong with ur MB , i've experienced the same with voltages when ocing a 8120 with a 990FXA-UD5 Giga ,
    when the CPU is stressed the voltage drops and goes lower than when idle , that's how it works .
    in intel boards u have an option for this kind of situation , "Vdroop level" , and can change this behavior , but i couldn't find it in AMD boards so i chose a higher voltage until i reached what i had in mind , for ex. i set the CPU voltage to 1.58 but when stressing the CPU , voltage was @ 1.37 and when idle 1.42 .
    do not bother urself with what is set in BIOS , use hardwaremonitor or CPUZ to find whats really happening to your CPU :) ( and till u havn't reached 65 Celcius Temp ur Fne )
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