Problem between audigy and via(KT266 and 266A....)

I buy a sb live audigy for Fry's and test it on my
i have all series of sb live sound card so i test all of them together

MSI K7T266 PRO-RAID (bios 1.6)
windows XP
Windows 2000 PRO
windows ME
windows 98 OSR 2

Sound Card
SB LIVE value

Creative Desktop Theater 2500D

i make a ghost image before i install each card

after i test it, i restore my HD

In all O.S.

when i start my system
it have crappy sound and skipping sound...
after i tried every pci slot, i solve my problem
(sb live sb live value, sblive 5.1 have no problem after pci slot change)
SB Live Audigy still have problem!

i also find out another problem!

all of the sb live series (sb live, sb live value sb live 5.1 sb live audigy) didn't support sp-dif out in Windows XP (build 2600)

ok, that is not a problem since XP haven't instock

Than, i try windows 2000

SB live value and sb live support SP-DIF out in win 2k
(require a special driver and not from Creative)

SB Live 5.1 and SB Live Audigy didn't support SP-DIF out in Win2k

in winme or windows 98 osr2 -> no problem

SO, if you are using via motherboard(almost 70-80% AMD user)
don't uptgrade to SB Live audigy, it is very bad choice

if YOU ARE USING A SPEAKER WHICH COME WITH hardware dolby digital decoder
and you are using win2k

BECAUSE THESE TWO CARD DIDN'T SUPPORT SP-DIF OUT IN WIN2K THE DOLBY DIGITAL OR DTS signal cannot pass to your decoder's sp-dif in~~~
so no dolby digital or dts sound....

sb live and sb live value need some special driver to support sp-dif out in win 2k
you can find it in

PS. i will return my sblive audigy card to fry's tomorrow!
if you still want to try it
the sb live audigy oem is only 60 dollars in US.
you can find the price in
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  1. Um.. I have a SB-Live Card a an asus a7v133 mobo (same via chipset) and use the SP-DIF with no problems. You aure you have digital output checked in the mixier?

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  2. it really depend on what equipment you have~~`

    and which O.S. are you using?

    In win 2k
    i don't have problem if i use 3300a,b,c version driver
    but the orginal driver include in win2k and the one from creative website didn't support sp-dif out

    in winxp... still no solution( i try the buildin driver and xp beta driver from my friend who work in creative)

    it can support digital sound out via the digital din
    so i have sound from my computer
    but no dolby digital signal pass to the external decorder....
    that mean you cannot use any hardware decoder to get better sound

    in winme or win98 osr2 ->no problem

    but you need a hardware decoder to find out

    the creative dts 2500d 3500d come with hardware decoder
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