Whats the idle cost of 100 GB Ram?
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  1. 8 x 16gb or 16 x 8 gb for total of 128gb, of course, then you need a mobo that supports a 16gb stick in one slot, and that supports 128gb of RAM that is msi X79A-GD45. It costs 200$ and 16 ram modules cost 50 each (8Gb), but that particular mobo has 8 slots, which means you need 16gb RAM I don't think there is RAM that huge for common PC user. So at this point you're stuck with 64 gb of ram which in grand total comes at about 800$.
  2. There is no motherboard today that supports 16GB ram in a slot, nor are there RAM module that are 16GB... Why do you need 100GB of RAM. 16GB is enough for most Video Processing programs out there...
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