Can't Figure out How to Make an Active DisplayPort to HDMI Connection

I'm Trying to set up an Eyefinity configuration with three monitors. The trouble I'm having is that I have these three outputs on my computer: HDMI, VGA, and DisplayPort. On the back of my three monitors there are two HDMI and one VGA each.

There doesn't exist a DisplayPort to HDMI adapter, so what I attempted to do was buy


because Active DisplayPort to DVI adapters are very readily available.
After connecting those two items and attempting to plug the DisplayPort into my computer and the HDMI into the monitor, Catalyst Control Center and Windows failed to recognize the monitor. So what exactly is the issue? Wrong adapters? Faulty adapters? Impossible to do with this setup? Any ideas? A passive adapter works, so I know that the DisplayPort on my video card isn't faulty. It seems like a fairly simple problem. Anyone have a solution?
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  1. It would help if you told us your card it would help. It may not support 3 outputs if it only has VGA/hdmi/dp. That's an odd setup
  2. Display Port is independent of HDMI/DVI outputs as DP doesn't use TMDS. It is, however, possible that you can not use the HDMI and VGA at the same time. If I remember correctly, there are cards like that (pretty sure my old 4670 was like that).

    Regardless, we need more information. Which monitor(s) didn't initialize and which cable were they using? What model of graphics card?
  3. I have CrossfireX 6990m. It's a laptop. I think I've discovered the problem though. I had an active DisplayPort adapter, however, it didn't have external power, so it could only support up to 1280x800 or something like that. I've ordered one with USB power off Newegg which should arrive shortly. That should make me able to use all three monitors at once :P
  4. Still haven't figured out the problem. Have tried three different active DisplayPort adapters with no luck. One of them had a USB power cable too. The computer just will not for the life of it recognize a screen with an active adapter. A passive DP to HDMI works perfectly, but toss an active DP to DVI adapter with a DVI to HDMI cord plugged into it, and nothing happens.
  5. im running into the exact same problem. I need active mini-dp to hdmi adapters for my monitors.
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