Pc not booting could be psu?

Hey guys

So basically until yesterday my pc was working normally, but then I went to have a quick nap and left my pc on playing some music and when I woke up, It was off. Firstly I tried to turn it on nothing happened, then I switched my psu off and waited a bit, then tried again. It did powered on but nothing came up on the screen and the hard drive light wasn't flashing. This happened last week too but after I left the psu off for few minutes it worked again. But this time it didn't.

I suspect of the psu because it was making some strange noise lately, I thought it could be because of dirty, then I opened my pc and cleaned it as best as I could, as I don't have compressed air cans, I simply blowed into it. When I turned it on again it I made the strange noise again but I soon I slapped the pc side it stopped and since then it didn't make any noise.

Yesterday I took my gpu and my hard drive and tested it with 2 of my aunts computers, and both worked normally

Then I tried to run my pc with 2 less powerful gpu's, as I have an 6850 and it uses some energy to see if it could be the psu not working properly. (I don't have and onboard gpu on my motherboard). And none of them worked. The pc kept powering on but nothing on the screen and hdd light not flashing.
The I took the psu and tested it on both of my aunt computers, the first one did work normally, but with the second one the same thing that happend to my pc happened. Powered on but nothing on the screen.

I was the one who build my pc. around 1 year and few months ago.

My psu is an corsair cx600

I suspect of my psu because of the noise that is was making.

But I haven't tested my motherboard, I'm kinda afraid of buying an psu and the motherboard being fried.

Anyway, if you guys could give me some help please.

Sorry for making this so long and also for any grammar mistakes.

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  1. Too bad you opened the PSU, it's a warranty void. Only thing you can do now is test the PSU, but if what you say is true it's probably fried. Or you could test the motherboard first.
  2. is it dusty? even check PSU
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