Some advice on building a computer[requesting]

I'm looking to build a new computer and I'd like some pointers. No set price but I don't want to be spending over 4,000 dollars on it ;P
I'm looking for something that has a GTX 670 graphics card or something else. Just a really open question on building a PC.
I kind of want my price to be under 1,300... But like I said, I can bend with it: just want some smart advice on building a gaming PC
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  1. We need to know basically where you are/currency.
    What components don't you need (monitor, operating system, keyboard, etc)
    If you've got monitor, what's it's resolution.
    Do you have any limitations on sites to use.
    Do you want overclocking/SLi/Crossfire.
  2. I mostly want a great-average build
    My tops[for money] would probably be 1,500-2,000
    I have basically all I need, aside from a tower. I have a Monitor, Speakers, Keyboard and Mouse, all the barebones.
    I don't really have a limitation on sites to use, pretty open as this would be my first homebuild
    and I've only heard of overclocking/SLi/Crossfire, never actually tried it so I'd like an explanation but probably no
  3. what do you mean you dont want to sli? basically it's just two cards its the only way you will be able to get amazing performance without paying 1000 dollars for a 690... but here is a system for you





    Each 399.99 each 800 total


    Optical Drive

    the total(if using the 3570k) and +100 for tax and shipping is(just a estimate to not get a surprise when it is more money)

    The Total(if using the 2600K or 2700K[just add 10]) and +100 for tax and shipping(just a estimate to not get a surprise when it is more money)

    Hope this helped
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