AMD Radeon HD 7670M 1 GB vs 2 GB?

Hi, I have an option between a 1 GB AMD Radeon HD 7670M vs a 2 GB model. I only plan to lightly game on titles like Call of Duty at medium settings paired with an Ivy Bridge i5-3210M. The price difference is $25 between the models, and yet I've heard that on the Nvidia 630M, which is comparable to the 7670M, the 2 Gb model has nearly zero advantages over the 1GB, as the card is comparatively low end and thus will never effectively utilize the full 2GB when running on decent settings.

I assume this is true for the 7670M as well? Is the $25 price difference really worth it?

Also, should I expect a noticeably better battery life with an IB i5 vs a SB i5? The current laptop model I'm looking at states a 6.5 max battery life, but the model comes stock with a SB i3-2350M and 5400 RPM HDD, without a dedicated graphics card. I'm going to choose an upgrade to a i5-3210M, Radeon HD 7670M, and a 7200 RPM HDD. Am I going to have to deal with horrible battery life, or do you guys think the AMD Catalyst and Ivy Bridge i5 will be able to keep the stats about the same?

Thanks for the help guys, I'm coming from the upper end desktop sector and have little experience with stuff like power consumption and mobility gfx chips.
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    you won't need the 2 gb and probably will not even use more of the 1gb.

    As for the battery life, it will tank like mad. Going with the i5 probably won't be much difference but the 7670m will basically cut the battery by 30-40% even if you aren't gaming. The HDD will probably use 5-10% more as well.

    If you are concerned about power consumption and still need some gpu performance, the AMD apus are pretty good. The top end A10 should have cpu performance comparable to the i3 in multithreaded software and the GPU should be comparable to the 7670m. They should get battery life somewhat equal to the i5 by itself.
  2. The 2gb is almost overkill for my 7850, and the 7670 is much, much weaker than that, so ya 1gb is all you will ever need with that card.
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