What else besides the hardware is needed to get a build up and running

so i picked out the case, mobo, cpu, ram, heatsink, gpu, psu, hdd, monitor. thats it for hardware right?

then i got windows 7, and thermal compound.

what else is needed besides pluging it all in and going on line for updated driver? and what needs drivers besides the graphics card and the motherboard.

and if its all in stock does newegg ship all the stuff in one big box or in different boxes and should it all arrive on the same day or spread out over a few days.
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  1. Strongly consider an SSD to install your OS on.
  2. Oh, also, Newegg ships from many different warehouses so they a lot of the parts will arrive in different boxes at various times/dates.
  3. You really don't need to purchase extra thermal compound because your CPU fan should come with some.

    All the drivers are included with your products on CD.
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