Windows 8 refreshing- Save MS Office!!

It's come to my attention that I need to refresh my PC,
But for this build I used my last key for MS office 2007
I don't want to buy a whole new key because that's really expencive...
Can I back up Ms office's program files onto another drive, refresh the computer then drag and drop the files back into my C drive??? Please help!!
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  1. I would think you should be able to do this but will have to do a repair to get the registry entries back. see

    You can also just call Microsoft support and they will help you get running again if you have a valid key (one that is not a banned pirate key) I reinstalled too many times and they just gave me a new key over the phone (on a different Microsoft product though).
  2. that isnt going to work. call ms for another key.
  3. Yep - call them, explain the deal, and have them release that key for reuse.

    Probably want to know the computer name it's currently tied to, maybe some other info.
  4. I've realised that Win8 dosnt lock you out after 30 days
    i cant be botherd to spend half an hour on a payed line explaining to them :non: !
    I already had my lock screen to a picture of choice so im happy :p
    thanks anyway
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