Windows 7 cd\usb freezes while loading files\booting.

So a little bit of a strange problem with windows 7. Windows 7 started to hang on loading screen, just before colored balls show up. So I put in windows 7 cd, made sure boot order was correct in bios, attempted to run repair, but cd loads to a black screen. So i make a bootable usb for win 7 try the same thing but it gets stuck at windows loading files. So I make a recovery cd on another computer with win7 as OS. Same problem. So I do memtest, surface test, everything checks out fine.

This whole time ubuntu will boot fine (Ive had dual boot working fine for over a year). I use ubuntu to get all the files I need of the host machine and use mini tools partition wizard to wipe the hdd thinking maybe i need a fresh install of win7. Same problem persists with failure of cd and usb of win 7. Trying a bootable usb of ubuntu, it works no problem, OS boots everything, flawless.

I continue to try to get windows working because i need it to remote in for work. On oddity is that if it the first time i boot the computer for the day the windows cd boots and i can install the OS but on the first restart it hangs at the same spot as above. This screams power supply issue, so I wipe the hdd again and swap in a new psu. Windows cd boots, installs, loads fine. I install chrome, steam, quicken, rename the computer which requires restart! and then it fails at the same spot. In retrospect I should have used to good boot to install chipset drivers, unfortunately i am yet to be able to get back into the OS via any means.

Other things I have tried:

-Boot to cd with HDD disconnected.
-Boot to usb with dvd disconnected.
-Update Bios to latest version.
-Wipe the hdd with minitools, turn off computer, take battery out of mobo to reset cmos. Still no dice.

My problem with all of this is that the whole time ubuntu can install and works fine. I want this to be a hardware issue, but i can't figure it out.

Only thing i can figure is its chipset drivers? But I need to be able to install the OS to run the asus installer.

Motherboard is Asus P5B deluxe.

Any Ideas?
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  1. An update:

    I used the AVG rescue cd to repair the MBR after reading that recent AVG updates were causing people problems. The problem is fixed and windows now installs and boots. This makes absolutely no sense unless the minitools repair MBR function doesn't actually work. That and the fact that windows CD drive wouldn't load even with the hdd disconnected.

    But for anyone who uses AVG and has windows hang at the title screen, try the AVG rescue CD.

    Other thoughts:

    Popping in disk utilities and clicking lots of buttons without a totally clear idea of what you are doing isn't that smart.
  2. have a look at memtest86 i would put money on it that you have one of three issues.
    CPU failing
    or a BIOS Setting locking you boot sector.
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